PodRide, the Electric Bicycle-Car


Designer Mikael Kjellman says PodRide should be a street legal bike in most countries although the 2 wheel ruling in the UK could literally put the brakes on. This is a shame because if the PodRide can handle the extremes of a Swedish winter then it is more than suitable for use in the UK.

The PodRide is effectively a Electric Bicycle-Car.

It is narrow enough for use on bike paths and with a motor and control system from a standard e-bike it could be a great commuting solution which still delivers an element of healthy exercise. Features include a waterproof body, heated windscreen, a soft seat with back support, air suspension and studded tires for winter. There’s even a small boot, plus a tow bar for a bike trailer.

PodRide lightsWhat strikes me though and can be seen on the video, is the presence that it has on the road despite its size. My major concern with the raceways, sorry, roads of the UK is that low slung velomobiles aren’t easily seen. The PodRide’s height helps with overall visibility in amongst the traffic.


Check out the designer pulling a few doughnuts on the Swedish ice:

Mikael is looking for crowd funding at:


  1. Greetings Mikeal,
    I am Director of Facilities at a large university in Ohio and I see your PodRide as a great year-round mobility solution for my staff. I know you are in the development stage but I would be interested in purchasing a few to test out. Let me know if you have any interest.