Electric bikes, an epiphany


One of the hardest things about getting the whole family cycling is the varying speeds that everyone wants to travel at.  If you are lucky enough to have a whole (almost) family that rides, someone is always going to get left behind…until now.  Majorca, home of warm and friendly cycling is rapidly becoming home to a whole new way of seeing the island – the electric bike.  That’s not new I hear you say and I agree but what is new is that the bikes on offer are modern, trendy and different.

From folders, to old skool, to fat bikes, these new breed of electric bikes from Belgium are serious fun.

The proof?  My wife who is the least keen cyclist after spending 3 hours on the E-Bob wanted to get one for back home.  Everyone rode up the hills at the same speed.

The bikes are available from Wattstyle in Puerto Pollensa and a 3 hour hire will set you back a very reasonable 25€.  We managed a trip right around the bay, a climb up to the monastery plus a cold one in a beach side cafe on the way home.  with a range of around 80km you can explore a lot of the island.  Wattstyle also do tours, the vineyard and tapas version being high on my agenda for next year!