VeloViewer – the data addict’s dream


For those that think if it isn’t on Strava it didn’t happen, VeloViewer takes the data addict’s compulsion to the next level.  Using the Strava API, VeloViewer mines into the ride data and provides all kinds of interesting figures which will keep you amused for hours.

For those that think if it isn’t on Strava it didn’t happen

The best and probably most viewed part of the web app are the vertical profiles as used by Team Sky and various other publications.  You can view your route in glorious 3D and colour coding shows the severity of gradient.  Personally, I love the total miles tracker and the ability to show where you are against last year and all previous years that you have Strava data for.

The site is currently made up of ten main pages for an athlete: Summary, Activity List, Activity Details, Segment List, Segment Details, Activity Wheel, Rivals, Challenges, Signature Image and Update along with Ride Details and Segment Details pages.  Also there is the Map Flipper, 3D Routes and Road Orientation Distribution tools.

For the segment hunters, your sport can be elevated by all kinds of measurables to help you hunt down that next trophy.  Take a look through the gallery to see the kind of data you can bore your mates with.

There’s a free version for up to 25 rides, a Pro (£10 per year) and Pro+ (£20 per year) version.  I thoroughly recommend giving the free version a go and I’m sure that you will soon become addicted to the in depth post ride analysis like many others!