Exercise not Part of the Fight Against Obesity


A leading cardiologist has said that using exercise to help obese people lose weight is a myth and that they should focus on eating more healthily. The controversial claims are made in an editorial published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, jointly written by London-based Dr Aseem Malhotra, and two other experts, one from South Africa, the other from the United States.

Eating the right food must be part of the solution but surely the benefits of exercise must go a long way to help reduce weight. Not only does exercise help in shedding the pounds but the psychological positives gained from the likes of cycling, swimming or running are huge. If you are moving from a sedentary lifestyle to one that involves being outside and exercising with like minded people, I can only see that this is a massive contributor to an overall healthy lifestyle. Of course, strenuous exercise does mean that you can probably eat more of the wrong things, but you quickly find that to stay on the ladder you need all the goodies as well.