Council Given £17 million for Cycle Network Cancels Sky Ride

Birmingham Sky Ride
Birmingham Sky Ride

A council awarded £17,000,000 in government funding to create a safer cycle network has cancelled a traffic free participation ride as it can’t secure a date or find a suitable route.  Birmingham’s annual Sky Ride bike event has been cancelled – despite council claims that cycling was a top priority.  Last year the Birmingham Sky Ride attracted 18,000 riders but the council don’t seem to be able to manage a similar event in 2014 despite the massive grant they have received from the tax payers.

“Our partnership with British Cycling is particularly important as cycling is one of our identified priority sports.

“We are working with them to establish a new route and date for the Sky Ride event in 2015.”

No councillors or council officers were available to comment, but a statement from the council read: “This year we have had difficulties in securing a date and a suitable route so we have regrettably had to withdraw from the 2014 Sky Ride Event.

Somewhat indicative of the ridiculous situation where funding is made available yet local councils can’t organise an event which clearly demonstrates the real desire for safer cycling in and around our cities.